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Don't hate, eat a cupcake.

Mike & Mike's Vanilla Beanie Cupcake


The sweetness of vanilla adds just the right touch of indulgence to these guilt-free treats. A vanilla cupcake that hits the spot!

Mike & Mike's Chocolate Delight Cupcake


An indulgent cupcake with a rich, moist chocolate cake base and topped with a creamy and decadent frosting of course.

Mike & Mike's Strawberry 2-Step Cupcake


Savor the perfect strawberry cupcake with a swirl of strawberry that’s pure bliss. This is a strawberry lover’s dream!

With all-natural and allergen-free ingredients, Mike and Mike’s Desserts were made for you. Our cupcakes are perfect for happy kids, healthy parents, and every event that deserves delicious, guilt-free desserts.

A Happy Woman with A Delicious Cupcake
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